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Our Philosophy is to encourage each individual to recognize their unique passions and to achieve their own personal goals. We believe in caring for the whole child and in the need to nurture your childs creative mind and inspire innovative thinking. 

We believe a quality program must have a nurturing, warm, caring staff who serve as adult role models for the children, and share the child’s on-going process with the parent or guardian. 
We go beyond educational childcare to give parents the confidence to know that their child’s every need will be cared for throughout the day. From the forgotten lunch to unexpected school closings. 
We encourage strong parent/program partnership and believe it is a key element to every child’s success. Our program is an extension of your family and we welcome your familiy’s involvement. 

We employ qualified staff such as educators, college graduates and college students to support your child through their homework, social interactions, skill building and daily projects by offering creative problem solving skills. Our staff is filled with a gamma of interesting skills to share and inspire our students ranging from designers to dancers and educators. 

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Katie Reidy is the Creative Director for Add, Water and Stir Ink and the creator of the popular and inspiring art program, Urban Illustration. 

Eryn Reigner is a kindergarten teacher and functions as Add, Water and Stir Ink’s Program Developer. 

Jessica Greco is the Program Director along with being one of our beloved mentors and workshop instructors. 

Growth and Behavior

Our second through seventh grade groups spend their after school hours playing outside and in designated classrooms at Hillside Elementary School in Hastings-on-Hudson. The staff at Add Water and Stir Ink is committed to your child’s growth on many levels and will engage your children in activities that enhance their social, creative and intellectual growth.

Our goal is to help build self-discipline in the children in our care so that they will develop the self-control needed to make appropriate decisions. We will provide an atmosphere where children learn from adult models. Consideration for one another, civility and the importance of sharing are but a few models our staff will demonstrate. Staff members will receive ongoing training in conflict resolution during the course of their employment. Preventive discipline will be a major strategy, as our experience tells us that attention to both children and their environment can prevent many potential issues. We believe that building competence is an important element in developing self-esteem and feel it is critical that we provide opportunities for children to learn and build their individual skills.      

​Our Staff

We believe in being as passionate in our own lives as we are when we are with our students. We employ people who are willing to learn and try new things, as well as people who bring in a level of expertise in a gamma of creative or strategic skills. Our abilities ranges from illustrators, dancers, skateboarders, readers, game players, designers, poets and marathon runners. We incorporate our passions and skills and introduce them to the students on an age appropriate level to get them interested in things they may never have known was even an option. Our goal is to keep everyone in our space happy and feeling loved, mentors and students alike. 

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